• Veils
    <p>Wearing a veil is an opportunity to distinguish your overall wedding look. Special details such as crystals, embroidery or pearls set them apart from an ordinary veil.</p>
  • Tiaras
    <p>The Collection is grouped into two categories, the first is a selection of hand-made tiaras.  Our hand-made tiaras have all the intricate details of a beautifully crafted piece of work.  They are natural looking and have an organic feel to them.   The second category is made up of rhinestone tiaras, a selection of unique designs and embellishments.</p>
  • Necklace and Earring Sets
    <p>We offer a collection of Necklace and Earring sets as well as a handmade style.</p>
  • Earrings
    <p>The earrings are unique in color, component, and style. They include stud, dangle, chandelier, hoop, lever drop back! Elements &amp; Styles Include: Swarovski Crystal, Austrian Crystal, Antique, Vintage, Classic, Freshwater Pearl &amp; Mother of Pearl, Contemporary, Simple, and Ornate.</p>
  • Special Occasion...
    <p>Christmas and Special Occasion jewellery</p>

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