Mermaid-wedding-dress - two-bridal-hairstyles

Mermaid-wedding-dress - two-bridal-hairstyles

Take a look at how we styled the mermaid wedding dress to create two very different moods. We've drawn influences from some of the most stylish women in the world from the 50's era.

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French Pleat Hairstyle

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Mermaid wedding dress - style 1

Glamorous bridal look

Mantilla Veil

The veil had to be every bit as dynamic and stylish as all the other parts. A Mantilla veil was chosen because it has wow appeal. With voluminous wafts of tulle it adds a luxurious floating texture that lends a sense of lush extravagance and drama. The wide satin edge ribbon trim detail defines the outline shape and adds a beautiful fall of train. The ivory veil pictured here has two tiers 60cm/260cm and a 5cm satin edge trim.

mermaid wedding dress

It really shows off a woman’s figure in a most flattering and sexy way. The mermaid wedding dress has got it all, and for that reason it’s a very popular choice of wedding dress style for brides, particularly in vintage lace.

My muse for putting this look together was drawn from the hair-style

French pleat hair updo

A 50’s French pleat was chosen because of its timeless appeal and of course because it’s a very sophisticated retro hair-style. I wanted to make it softer for today’s bride – it's my take on a sultry sexy Bardot style; with that in mind the front and side panel hair was backcombed to add height and texture, only a little teasing to the back panels of hair which was then scooped up into a soft pleat.

mermaid wedding dress 2

Front view of French pleat hair-style.

mermaid wedding dress 3

Back view of French pleat hair-style

Crystal Earrings

Continuing with 50's style for the mermaid wedding dress look the cleavage was kept clear and vintage style earrings were added. Sometimes it’s what you take away that makes the difference – by keeping the cleavage clear it adds drama because the dress is strapless. The formation of geometric glass shapes in these earrings bear the hallmark of vintage classic style.


mermaid wedding dress 6 These vintage earrings also work well with this light and airy mid length veil.

Mermaid wedding dress - style 2

Angelic bridal look

Mid length motif veil

The mermaid wedding dress is styled for a softer more angelic look now by changing a couple of Accessories. To morph this look from glamour to angelic the accessories were swapped out, but drawn from the same era. Here it is below with a mid length motif veil, it's light and airy soft tulle lends a lovely romantic feel, together with pearl drop earrings it transforms the look into a more dreamy vintage one.

mermaid wedding dress 7 

lace-up bodice style for the dress illustrated in this blog

I hope you enjoyed seeing how the mermaid wedding dress was styled, leave comments below and let us know which one you prefer! To check out our other bridal looks click boho bridal look and vintage bridal look to see how we styled them.

Wedding Dress Style

We dug a little deeper to find out just how popular mermaid wedding dresses are! Would you be surprised to learn that (41%) of brides are wearing an ivory strapless A line wedding dress. So how did our mermaid wedding dress fair? Well 38% chose to wear a flattering A-line skirt, followed by 21% who chose to wear a distinctive fishtail or mermaid line dress. Just 20% of brides opted to wear a classic ballgown while 14% wore a retro 1950s style tea-length dress with underskirts. Only 6% went for a long sheath dress.

mermaid wedding dress graph Does it surprise you to learn that the Ivory strapless A-line dress is the most popular at 41%![/caption]

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