Mermaid-wedding-dress- Our-Guide-to-help-you-buy-one

Mermaid-wedding-dress- Our-Guide-to-help-you-buy-one

Mermaid dress guide

mermaid wedding dress

An in depth look

In this mermaid wedding dress guide I’ll be taking an in-depth look at this iconic style. I'll show what you get in terms of quality, and the pitfalls of what to look out for when measuring up for one. Click here to see how we styled the dress to create two very different moods.

mermaid wedding dress

A detailed step by step guide to measuring for a mermaid wedding dress. The key measuring areas are marked out on the dress. See below for explanation of terms used.

Corset Style

Most mermaid dresses have a corset style inner lining; any dress that has one is going to affect your torso and of course your lungs. It’s a given that it should allow you to breath easily and give you freedom of movement. It's common sense really but when you're new to bodice style dresses it's easily misunderstood.

Lace-up or zip back

One of the most important features is whether your dress is a lace-up back or a zip back. The lace-up back option offers more flexibility for adjustment around the whole of the bust and waist. The zip-up back doesn’t so it’s worth giving this option careful consideration. This mermaid dress guide can be a helpful resource for all dresses in this style. Please share it if you know someone in need of information about it. Remember that wedding dress material is not elasticated, the inner corset lining material is usually quite firm cotton cut to exact measurements.
mermaid wedding dress

The corset on the mermaid dress shown here is a lace-up back. Four layers of fabric make up the bodice.  This corset has an inner bra strap with three settings which gives support. Knowing that the dress will stay in place on the bustline all day is very reassuring. Wedding dresses can be quite heavy because of their parts ie., layers of lining and lace, length of train, crystal embellishments etc.  The weight can cause the dress to slip down your cleavage and of course that has a knock on affect on the whole fall of the dress. The front view displays a crystal sash just under the bust line and really adds a sense of glamour and definition to this dress. These are a nice option and are sewn on by hand and can easily be removed. 

Moving down now - hips

You need to be able to walk and dance in this dress so your fitting needs to take these things into account. This sounds obvious but get it wrong and it can lead to tightness and discomfort all day.

How to measure the hip width for walking and dancing

Stand with your feet legs apart. Move your left and right foot out until they are at the same width level as your shoulders. Measure the distance between your feet. Try walking around to see whether this width creates a comfortable stride or whether it's too wide and adjust it as needed. The dress flares out from the hips to a beautiful flowing train which gives plenty of room for your legs. This aspect of the long flowing train is great for slow dances such as a Waltz or slow Foxtrot. If your husband takes big strides you can too, in fact it gives such freedom of movement so as to allow a slow raised kick of the leg at the end of your dance – wonderful.
mermaid wedding dress

Lower - sitting

One of the most important facets of a well cut garment is the way it hangs and the way it looks after you’ve been sitting. On the occasions when you do sit during the ceremony; upon standing (especially when making an exit or entrance toward or away from family and guests) the dress needs to fall and not crumple and crease. This is the real test, if your measurements have allowed enough give in the material on the corset and hips for movement then the fall happens naturally due to the weight of the material. I hope this mermaid dress guide has been helpful. If you have any questions or would like help than please leave a comment below.


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